Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Flu with an Icing of Snow

It has been an interesting Spring to say the least. Tuesday and Wednesday we had snow and high winds. Those High winds about took away our chicken kennel. Though we did lose one of our chickens because it got crushed underneath it when it blew over on her. We have to find a new cover for the kennel and a other way to provide shade and wind break for the chickens. Though I think the standard Haybale will work at this point.

The week or so prior we had lost three hens, then Our Roster was AWOL for three days. We found him a little bit worse for the wear and very hungry hiding in a wood pile. More than likely a Racoon has been picking our coop.

Anyway we started over last year (2014) with 11 barred Rocks and 5 Jersey Giant hens plus a roster. We kept a couple of the old barred rocks a couple of our Americunas, plus a another black hen.
Now the count is
One Barred Rock Rooster
5 barred Rock Hens
4 black Jersey Giants Hens
1 Americuna

Plus our new additions
 6 White Leghorns 'the chicklets' or 'the chicken nuggets'

We will be getting more the end of next month.

We will be building new housing for at least 50, but will probably maintain about 40 max.

Well I guess I should get one with the fun part. It is that time of the year for everyone in the US. Everyones favorite stress day of the year. Well last year was our first year not doing our own taxes and it has been a relief. We just really good communication with our tax man. Though we did not get everything, I know we missed a few things, it is ok.

Then enter My dear husband who has been a bit under the weather for few days. He missed church on Sunday because he was laid up in bed from the CRUDE. I did get to church, but was not feeling up to par because of digestive issues, not the CRUDE. I take Protective Blend religiously to keep my immune system supported and it really helps. He did end up seeing the doctor. Nasty little bacterial/viral thing between the nose/eyes/lungs. But he is seeing and singing pretty good  now.

For the really fun stuff-Edward Turned of age to get his learners permit. As is family tradition we get it on their birthday. He did dine for his first bout out. Just if my neighbors seeing me sticking to the window of the car, he is driving.

Oh, Our Missionary is doing well in Washington Spokane Mission, She keeps telling me it is like a big old slumber party. We love and miss her greatly, only 12 more months...

So now to plant some in the Garden-a blog for another time....

There will be more good news that I cannot release until my husband has made it known.

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