Saturday, March 28, 2015

No Poo and more

Starting in 2005 I was told I had severe chemical sensitivities and list of avoids. I went to one of my favorite authors Janice Cox whose series shows and gives recipes for various body care items. I have used shampoo bars, lye soap, pine tar soap and many others.  I went to just rinses in 2006 or 2007, consisting of Baking soda with distilled water for the first rinse- which currently results in numerous 'suds' usually. Then a rinse with apple cider vinegar and distilled water- which leaves my hair feeling silky and soft. In the past 6 months, I have used a private label shampoo, but felt it was a bit much for everyday use. The conditioner had gluten in it- so I do not use it. The hair gel had the same issue- I do not use it. The hair serum I have used, because of the essential oils in it. Currently, I am going back to simpler things. I made these below in mid March.
I am going to add a pinch of Epsom salts to my rinses to disperse the essential oils through the water.
2 Tablespoons baking soda BS
2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar ACV
30 oz distilled water (8 oz in each jar with 14 oz in the cup to be split after mixing BS and ACV into its respective jar)
Here is the mixed version plus a dry shampoo/ body powder using rice flour, arrowroot starch, chamomile herb tea, and chamomile essential oil.
I use various essential oils depending on what I am looking for in my BS and ACV rinses. Also shown hair serum, plus fractionated coconut oil, a mixing bottle, with dry shampoo. Right now I will stick with the plain rinses while my hair and scalp are in transition. I will not be doing this everyday but at least once a week Sunday BS and ACV and may only use ACV rinse only midweek plus dry powder as needed with brushing out. It really depends on how it feels to me. I may add EOs to combat candida, what some call dandruff.
I am considering going back to a Basic Bob hairstyle or keeping my long on top pixie, I go through this every 5 years chopping off my hair wishing I hadn't. But like I usually tell the stylist it is hair and it grows back.
I am on my quest for happy hair and scalp.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Small Steps to Fitness (Cardio, Flexibility, Strength)

Well I know I have needed to re-examine my fitness goals and lack of fitness doing.
Here are the small steps I am taking.

1-Get on the treadmill.
2-Put the magnet in place so it will go.
3-Press the speed button and off we go.
My other activity that includes walking is store walking.
This is where I go to walk around the store looking and it takes more than 30 mins usually.

I am shooting for 30 mins or 1 mile, depending on my day and how I am feeling.

Now as far as Stretching and Strength

I am going for a very simple formula.
Doing a light cardio exercise like marching in place to warm up the muscles and bring blood flow to the body overall to prepare for Stretching and Strength work.

Stretching the muscle group to be worked gently before I perform that exercise.

Chest-Modified Push ups
Upper Back-Modified Pull ups/Lat Pulls/ Band Pulldowns
Legs/Lower Back-Deadlifts

I am looking at a tabata type format for time not so much for reps.
So 1 min in each exercise, then repeat 2-4 times.
As a cool down I would do some light cardio and stretching.

Initially all exercise would be Bodyweight- gradually adding weight.

The workout schedule to follow would start 2 days a week tabata style and then cardio on off days. Moving to 3-4 days days a week combining tabatas and cardio after to flush wastes.

I also need to figure out the cat rubbing on me or the dogs trying to lick my face off when I am doing floor work. Pet hair can be somewhat invasive. I may need to move my weight set back out to the living room.

Hopefully this will help you start looking forward to warmer weather.

Don't forget Soothing Blend or Soothing Blend Rub for those sore or achy muscles.

Monday, March 9, 2015


How I feel on the inside reflects on the outside in my appearance and behavior.
When I eat well and give my body the tools it needs to accept nutrients, then it is able to heal itself.
The biggest factor in my health is my thought process  about myself.
I have to change the way I think about myself, to change how I think about others.
I change the way I think by:
Not putting in degrading and painful information from media sources of all types.
Currently I really have now desire to watch TV even movies, I would prefer to read and ponder.
So I do...
I am putting in the best information I can.
This comes from my Core book(s)-the Holy Bible (KJV-LDS Edition), The Book of Mormon,
Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. I have gained so much insight from studying by topic. We are encouraged to seek knowledge of the best books, these are but a few of them.
I am studying Complimentary Healing modalities of many forms, it is interesting to be able to find examples of these in the scriptures. I take my Science based background and even find it supported there in the scriptures too. Because Heavenly Father is a being of Order and I truly desire to become like him and His Son. I must learn order in my living-My closet, my books, my clothing, everything must be in order. But I will take in small bits and pieces. I will organize them a little bit at a time, knowing I will return to reorder and chaos exists here. Clothing brings me to an interest would never guess by the way I dress. Fatigue has it's way of making us just pick whatever. Well that needs to come to order too. I know that one of the things I will do is bring my wardrobe back to order, being a former Color and Image Consultant  (yes you may gasp or laugh whichever). I will put it all back together. Because the way I dress affects the way I feel and the way I feel affects the way I think which affects the way I see myself. I no longer want to see myself as less than a precious daughter of my Heavenly Father. I am princess in training, as we all are. I must learn to be graceful and to deal with others with grace and poise. There is a lot to work through there. I will find a good mentor who can help me. Most of that wardrobe will have to be sewn from scratch as most of the things I see really do not like the color combinations or patterns. Luckily, I have basic sewing skills and a body blueprint system that will help me design and make patterns from scratch.
Those Healing modalities lead into another area too. Leadership and self-directed education which will serve me well in the future. That is another topic for another day though...