Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Small Steps to Fitness (Cardio, Flexibility, Strength)

Well I know I have needed to re-examine my fitness goals and lack of fitness doing.
Here are the small steps I am taking.

1-Get on the treadmill.
2-Put the magnet in place so it will go.
3-Press the speed button and off we go.
My other activity that includes walking is store walking.
This is where I go to walk around the store looking and it takes more than 30 mins usually.

I am shooting for 30 mins or 1 mile, depending on my day and how I am feeling.

Now as far as Stretching and Strength

I am going for a very simple formula.
Doing a light cardio exercise like marching in place to warm up the muscles and bring blood flow to the body overall to prepare for Stretching and Strength work.

Stretching the muscle group to be worked gently before I perform that exercise.

Chest-Modified Push ups
Upper Back-Modified Pull ups/Lat Pulls/ Band Pulldowns
Legs/Lower Back-Deadlifts

I am looking at a tabata type format for time not so much for reps.
So 1 min in each exercise, then repeat 2-4 times.
As a cool down I would do some light cardio and stretching.

Initially all exercise would be Bodyweight- gradually adding weight.

The workout schedule to follow would start 2 days a week tabata style and then cardio on off days. Moving to 3-4 days days a week combining tabatas and cardio after to flush wastes.

I also need to figure out the cat rubbing on me or the dogs trying to lick my face off when I am doing floor work. Pet hair can be somewhat invasive. I may need to move my weight set back out to the living room.

Hopefully this will help you start looking forward to warmer weather.

Don't forget Soothing Blend or Soothing Blend Rub for those sore or achy muscles.

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