Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Updates to Emotional Release Offerings

I now have an Appointment Scheduling Button and separate purchase buttons with drop down options for ease of use.

Please Purchase the service you desire first, then Schedule your appointment, and finally send in your intake information.

The intake form is ready to go.

Remember your client information will not be shared with any third party and will only be used to share information that may be helpful on your Journey in Health and Wellness.

I look forward to serving you.

Monday, October 17, 2016

나는 한국 배우.

저는 회원이되어 예수 그리스도 후기 성도 교회를합니다. 
나는 몰몬이다. 
나는 기독교인이다. 
나는 당신이 나의 신앙에 대해 더 많이 알기를 바랍니다. 

(This is my Korean practice page. It will be updated periodically. Please comment, if you so desire.-google translate was used for this Statement.*)
(이것은 나의 한국어 연습 페이지입니다. 그것은 정기적으로 업데이트됩니다. 당신이 그렇게 원하는 경우, 의견을주십시오.-구글은이 문장에 사용 된 번역.*)

나는 한국어를 배우고 있다.

나는 엔젤 피들러 입니다.

나는 미국 사람니다.

나는 어머니입니다.

(Corrections made from my Korean coach Jamie)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

1. Consultations and Energy work sessions are strictly confidential.
2. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone.
We use the information to connect with and assist you.
This information will be used within our business parameters:
- Email notifications of classes, special offers, etc.
3. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please give 24 hours notice.

Releasing trapped emotions using the Emotion Code, or any type of Energy Healing practiced by Angel, whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care.
Energy Work sessions are not a substitute for medical care.
This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.
Information given to you on this site or in any session obtained on this site by is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship with Angel, nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional.
If you have any questions or concerns about your health, please contact you healthcare provider.

Energy healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable  and effective complement to the conventional medical care.

No claims are made as to healing or recovery from any illness. This information is offered as service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment. No guarantee is made towards validity. Use this information at your own risk.

Using the Emotion Code or any other kind of Energy Healing practiced by Angel Fidler, whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care. Please contact your healthcare provider and/or seek medical help if needed as this is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Energy Healing is a holistic modality that promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body's natural ability to heal. Energy Healing is widely recognized as a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care. I make no claim as to healing or recovery from any illness. Please use this information at your own risk. Thank you! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Life is Like an Orange

More specifically a clementine. 

So easy to peel-Really it means that I am shedding my protective shell and allowing you in.

and segment-this is a specific event or group of events in my life I am sharing with you.

Some segments are juicy and sweet-these are the happiest and joyous moments of my life. 
The day I met my husband, the birth of my children, and meeting you-my special friends.  

others are sour and dry-these are the challenges in my life. The loss of innocence through abuse, loss of a loved one, watching a child stray, seeing my friends pain that comes with life's challenges.  

But really my life encompasses a variety of citrus fruit it all depends what I need at the time. Lemons, limes, Grapefruit, etc. Each fruit could symbolize the events in a specific incident or a group of a specific type of incidents. Each fruit having their own flavor quality. 
I love them all in reality. They allow me to experience the bitter and the sweet. 

This really is about my healing journey to feel whole again and how I am traveling there. 
Do you want to learn more?
Do you want to start your own Journey and have a companion along the way?
I am here.
Let us walk hand in hand along the way.....

Now having read this, this was originally prepared for a presentation at a Christ-Centered Energy Healing Conference. Maybe when Heavenly Father deems it right I will present this, share some clementines (or other fruit), and fill in the details. 

I look forward to meeting you. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Looking for Hosts for Virtual doTERRA Classes

Would you be willing to 'host' a virtual doTERRA Essential Oil Education class? If you would be interested please send me a private message or find my contact info in Emotion Code Offerings Post.

This event will be low stress for you. You don't even have to worry about hiding the pets or kids. I just ask you to invite friends to the virtual class you will be hosting. There will be gifts for those who chose to host and have attendees. 

I look forwarding to meeting and greeting each one of you.

Thank you

Friday, May 20, 2016

How Time flies......1st Quarter 2016

****NOTICE This particular blog post will have information added over time because it is not complete by any means.*****
First let me apologize to those who actually read this blog or at least stop in with a cup of herbal tisane to visit.

I have been been through a challenging period since November. Though it has been a very blessed period for me too. Having another prodigal appear. I finished out group mentoring call series with Jen Mavros and Gina Truman. What an eye opening experience I learned so much. I finished my training to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and began the practical portion working with people. I began learning the Body Code System 2.0 (Patented by Dr Bradley Nelson as of May 2016.)

December was uneventful, but a time for healing and reconciliation with a prodigal son. Christmas was quiet event at home, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I finished my practical portion to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and submitted my application. I completed the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Food Nutrition Specialist (Let me state, I am not a Dietition. Within my scope of practice I educate about the sound eating practices as put out by the Fitness and nutrition industry.) to re-certify as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

January was a bit busier with a Life Leadership Major Event in Sandy, UT. But in reality is was such a relief because it was not as stressful as traveling to California, Ohio or Missouri. I taught Hunter Education classes. I was blessed to have Gina Truman and Jen Marvos offer another Group Mentoring series call. We learned that our son has Delayed Phase Sleep- Meaning he does not function on a normal sleep schedule. Most shift workers have this been this has been an issue for a long time, but I realized that we all have this issue. This is part of the reason we chose to homeschool, our house rarely moves before 9 am, personally it is 10 am. You want to see zombies come to the house before 10 am. Honestly 9 am church is struggle for me. I bathe and shower the night before. I get up between 7:30 and 8:00 am. Head to church about 0830 to allow my self to center . The Spirit is a bit stronger because it is quiet and allows me to set my mind and wake up more. I am counting the Sundays until 1 pm church. It is either that or attend the 1100 am or 1 pm ward.

February was somewhat eventful we started going back to our friend a dentist who took care of us for many years while living in Salt Lake. Our did a formal sleep study and they found he does have issue with sleep. Then end of February I brought David to the hospital emergency room because he could not breath. He had a bad flu that caused his asthma to really kick up. They decided to hospitalize him for a few days to make sure he stayed stable. Joseph had to pick me up from the hospital because by the time they decided to admit him Iw as in no condition to drive. I spent Sunday afternoon until Tuesday in bed sleeping and being cared for by my kids. Thank goodness for them and their hearts. I knew neither of our conditions was serious so I did not tell anyone at church. I got an earful later for that. Rest was necessary is all.

Caucus Night, it was a pleasure to help out with the flag and do others things to help the election process. Towards the end of March when I started feeling fatigued, has stayed about the same. I manage this by taking naps and keeping my schedule very open and flexible. I will need to have the Doctor check my Vitamin D and B12 levels again. Plus start taking the herbs and using oils that support healthy thyroid function. Making sure my supplementation is right makes a difference. Eating period is good. One meal a day is not enough. I know that, but there are days I just cannot even eat. No appetite or anything. I force myself to eat that one meal and drink water or some caloric beverage sweetened with cane sugar, that way I am taking in calories of some type. Sugar is glucose which is what the brain uses.

That is a quick overview of the first quarter of the year. I had some really great learning experiences.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

FAQs About Emotional Release

For Session Rates and Availability on Emotional Release Offerings Page.

This page will continue to be built for reference.

I want to provide the best and simplest answers about the Emotion Code, and I want to help you understand it. 

What is a (are) trapped emotion(s)?

Most all of us have some type of emotional baggage from painful life experiences. Although we may not realize how this affects our feeling towards ourselves and others and how we react to daily life, it is very real and can be like taking a back pack and filling it with rocks. Each rock is an emotion that is trapped. These are formed from a bit of emotional energy that is created, by you during the event from the emotions produced and gets stuck within your body somewhere.

Visualize balls of energy these are the rocks or trapped emotions. They are all vibrating at different frequencies with in the body, depending on what the exact emotion is (fear is a different vibration from shame or low self-esteem). These emotions that are trapped have destructive vibrations that have a negative effect on the body where ever they may lodge or get stuck. They can cause pain and dysfunction with the tissues of the body, which may result in disease. They can also cause great emotional distress of various forms. Why not allow emotional release to lighten and toss some rocks out of your back pack.

What is a Heart-wall?

When you hear the words 'heartache' or 'heartbreak', what comes to mind? These come form events of pain and distress that have strong emotions involved, you feel as though your heart has really been hurt or injured. We feel like we need a 'shield' to form a protective barrier and sometimes that is just not enough-we need a 'wall'. Where do we get the materials to build the 'wall'?
Those excess balls of energy become various materials that we conceive within our mind that will protect us best. Once we build our wall brick by brick or board by board it is there even after we may not need it. It does not just go away on its own. This can be a problem over the long term. In the short term we are protected from those things that hurt. But if we stay within that wall for very long it can feel like we are looking in on life from the outside; this can be very frustrating, feeling so disconnected it makes one very sad and lonely. We can remove the Heart-Wall, one emotion at a time-freeing you to live your life to the fullest with and open and clear heart, being able to feel the abundance that surrounds you and the love that has always been.

What is muscle testing? Why use muscle testing?

Muscle testing is one of those things that you can DO without fully understanding. It is a tool that can be used to identify imbalances within the body. You know what a lie detector or polygraph test is, the science of muscle testing is similar to this. During a polygraph, a person is hooked up to sensitive electrodes and asked certain questions. The person's answers generate a certain electrical response in the body, which is read and graphed by the machine, showing if the answers are true or false. This is done on a minute and very delicate scale. The muscles within our body react in a similar fashion and are affected by the 'electric flow' within the body and is on a a much larger, more pronounced, noticeable scale. A state of falsity or negativity will have the muscle demonstrate an inability to resist and will therefore test weak. Where as a state of truth and positivity will have the muscle an ability to resist and will stay strong. This can help us connect to and understand our body; We just need to know what questions to ask and get our answers through applying just enough pressure. 

Muscle testing is more about sensing the answer, we do not force it. The lightest pressure possible is the best! 

Why would I use a magnet to help release trapped emotions?

Just like a magnifying glass will intensify sunlight enough to start a fire, magnets can act as an amplifier for the energy of your thought and intention, which can be enough to produce a change in the body. 

The intentions and thoughts we have are energy. Magnets are energy. Your body is energy. Because of this, one can have an effect on the other. 

When we identify a trapped emotion with The Emotion Code, we simply must intend to release it, using a magnet to amplify this signal and put it into the body. We use the Governing Meridian as the entrance point for the amplified intention energy, because the Governing Meridian is an energy reservoir that connects directly to all the acupuncture meridians of the entire body. When you put energy into the Governing Meridian, it flows instantly throughout the body and the trapped emotion is released.

If this explanation doesn't make sense, I invite you read the chapter
 that talks about magnets in The Emotion Code book by Dr. Bradley Nelson. 

What does 'In Person', 'Surrogate', and 'Proxy' mean for type of Session?

In Person-Means you are with me physically in the same room, I can touch you.
Surrogate- Means I have someone who is touching you physically in the same room, and they are being tested on your behalf, both of you are here physically with me. I can touch you both.

Proxy- Means I 'connect' to you and muscle test for you via this connection to your energy. This means you do not have to be with me physically. You can be anywhere in the world literally!

I have received a report after a proxy session what does it say?*I am currently in the process of redesigning the report for a more reader friendly version.

You will find:
Your name and age or the person or pet a session was done for.
Your contact info 
The issues or major complaints you listed with their ratings. 
The date it was done.
Then usually by numbered issue the emotion identified and released are listed and any other info that came out during the session.
A thank you and request to send new numbers plus how youa re feeling after processing.

Here is a quick key for the released emotions sections:
All emotions listed are ones that are identified and released, but may have the following as additional info:

H is Hidden
HW is heart wall
HHW hidden Heart wall

Gen is generational
Mother's/father's side is from your mothers or fathers ancestry
Example: Mother's side 28 Gen is 28 generations back on your mother side of the family and that particular emotion was released from that point forward to the present point in time from all descendants of that main start point. 

What is the 'processing' you mention that happens after a session?

Processing is the time period in which the energy body makes adjustments that balance that area of the energy body and how you feel. Some people (about 20%) may experience some or any of the following: feeling out of sorts, a variation in sleep patterns, vivid dreams, fatigue, emotional up and downs, or you may just feel wonderful. In the time after a session in person or by proxy, Drink lots of water, eat healthy and get lots of rest, and let your energy body heal itself.