Friday, December 1, 2017

Why We Serve

Why We Serve

We serve those around us
because we get to make a difference
to those around us by:
-sharing knowledge
-sharing skills.
We get to relieve the suffering of the wounded.
We get to clothe the naked.
We get to witness the healing of the sick.
We get to bring light into the darkness.
We get to educate the unlearned.
We get to free the captive.
We get to welcome the warn torn soldier home.
We get to serve others and
give the best of us to them,
because we are in the
service of our GOD.

My main desire is to serve and help others,
what else can give such great joy.

I am going to share more of my vision in seeking to serve those around me.
Building this business really is not about me getting what I want, but more about helping those I am working with reach their goals in their own way and time.

It is all about YOU, not me.
What are your goals.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Life-Changing Paths

October was filled with new and exciting things.

I was able to attend my first NASM Optima conference in Scottsdale Arizona.

It was a really neat and educational experience I learned so much.

I was able to connect with old friends and make some new ones.

This last Thursday though we had a huge life change-Job change.

My husband lost his job.

Luckily, he had reserve drill this weekend. This was good for him.

I am not unhappy or sad or worried.


Because Heavenly Father has it all in His hands, it will all work out. no one would ever think you could feel such peace when your husband tells you I lost my job, but I did.

Monday we both applied for jobs at several places.

Today looking, I may consider going back to school to get my athletic training certification.

Many places are hiring athletic trainers. As long as there are sports (athletes and weekend warriors) there will be a need.

Please look to my education pages, for up coming office hours and events.

On to the next adventure....

The rest of August and September Updates.

Well It has been since August since  I was last here.

Most of August I was busy with kids getting ready for Utah College of Massage Therapy.
One graduated the basic level and two entered to become Massage Therapists.

Pretty getting paperwork and all done for them was a major portion of my work.

September Brought my favorite event doTERRA's International Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.
With over 30,000+ in attendance.

The new essential oils and products brought forth were amazing.

The system for helping new people discover doTERRA was absolutely needed. No more confusion one united system and vocabulary.

The best and most heart warming part was the hygiene kits that were done.

The donations made to Operation Underground Railroad and the expansion upon the process of reintegration of those who have been through those events was awe inspiring. I am glad this company gives so much back and so much to those who share it. Who in turn give even more back to those around them.

Please see for more info on Humanitarian efforts.

Please talk to me if you would like to learn ho to become a member and become better able to serve your fellow man.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Next 2 years- August 9, 2017

Finally after asking for my doctors to talk they finally got together and did just that about my ankle reconstruction surgeries.
confirmation that I should go ahead with their recommendation and approval of the 2 year course.

I will give my self a shot every night for the next two years in the upper thighs and lower abdomen, rotating sites of course. I will put a picture in later of my bruises. Yes I bruise easily but I am getting better.  Years ago I did Vitamin B12 shot in my thighs. So I know how to do shots, plus I have family with diabetes.

My goals for this 2 year stint is to see my bone mineral density go up, with the happy side effect that my lumbar and greater trochanter will increase also to be normal versus osteopenic.

My fitness plans are pool running and exercise doing what want to do on land in the water first.
Balance exercises on land with in reason.

I will also review and test items for transport of this hormone treatment. has more info. ( I am not an affiliate of the company nor am I receiving anything from them.)
In short it is a parathyroid hormone and must be kept between 2-8 degree C (36 -46 degrees F).
It is perishable. they say during my 28 day use it can be out a max of 36 hours total. But I am not taking any chances. I want this course of treatment over in 2 years.

This drug helps build and lay down new bone without interfering with the body's natural bone resorption process (recycling of old bone into new bone).

I have used bio-phosphates in the past but had issues with it tearing up my gut and acid reflux after a while even when following the instructions to the letter.

I will test out my travel gear over the next two months. I will report how that goes.

If you have anything you want to ask, Send it to me.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Extended care program

UPDATE: I am now working out just to get back basic functioning without pain after surgery. I have gained weight and struggled with overwhelming fatigue episodes for the past decade plus. I have had Bilateral Fasciotomies (Dec 2012- Jan 2013) and recently ankle reconstructions and bracing(Feb & Apr 2017). These have changed my world both personally and as a Personal trainer. Being told I am not to run or be in an unstable environment has been the pits. I did these procedures so I could run again. My Bones are very soft near the ankle, so until bone mineral density is higher-they say no.

Recommendation form the doctor are more calcium citrate and vitamin D3.
Other suggested recommendations are home made bone broth with collagen.
Stay away from Gluten and other known digestive irritants for myself.
A very simple natural diet.
Some herbal supplements to support healthy bone.

Currently I have switched from the therapy at Logan Regional Hospital to Mountain West Therapy at the The Sports Academy and Racquet club in Logan, UT, because they have a warm therapy pool. Granted I miss the treadmill pool at the hospital, but there is more flexibility in timing. I can go more often without paying more. The extended care program offered through the club in partnership with Mountain West Therapy is really a good deal. Gives you access to all of their facility, other than those services and private lessons, etc that have a fee. MY husband has access because of an agreement with his employer and the club of pay per use fee.

I will write more as a review as I get to know the facility better. Right my main use has been the Therapy and indoor pool, plus locker room as amenities there.

Dry Sauna, Hot tub, Steam room

I will forgo the steam room for now. Past experience has been these rooms are not maintained as they should be and harbor mold types. I am sensitive to these, we will see on a day they are doing maintenance if I choose to go in or not.

The doctor recommended I take up swimming, but it does currently hurt my ankle to actually kick when I swim. So water walking and running in the pool are my options. I can walk on land as long as it is a level stable surface. Bicycling is ok Stationary depending on whether upright or recumbent or spin cycle. It seems that certain manufacturers forgot the short people. So far the spin bike is the best fit. The elliptical did not feel good on my ankles. My feet were picking up as they moved back.

I really just want to run again without pain

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Final Doctor Visit

I went in yesterday for my last visit to see the doctor after Bi-lateral Ankle reconstruction and Brostrom procedures in Late February and Early April.

For now no running or high impact (no plyometrics) or heavy weight lifting, until my bone density is better.

So now realizing I need to take things slowly and work in a methodical way to recover. I realize my muscle mass loss was actually greater than I realized along with my aerobic capacity greatly decreased. Now begins my journey for strengthening my body again. I am starting from a low base line.

For now approved Low impact aerobic activities:
Water Running was approved (Yeah 😌 )
Low impact Step aerobics???

Other Low impact movement activities
Tai Chi

Strengthening activities
Using bands
Body weight exercises
kettle bells
weighted balls
Weights-low to moderate weights
Flexibility activities
Balance activities
Core strengthening activities

That is the short list-

For now I will have to sit down do a movement evaluation....(that may not be pretty at all 😞 )
No pictures to be posted here at this time.

Then putting together a Corrective Exercise program and then getting the Physical Therapist to approve it. Until later......

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Gluten-free Rice Ramen

I really like ramen.
My roommate at BYU was Korean, so I learned to love kim chee and other Asian foods.
Later I spent time in Korea in the military.

But I have always loved Asian cuisine.
Asian cuisine is very healthy and has a lot of veggies. The nutritional value is high while the calorie count is low, but  a meal such as the one below is quote filling.

When I went Gluten-free I was sad because I could not find ramen. So for many years I went without. It was in the past few I have seen different varieties, my problem has been the extras in the seasoning packets. I looked up recipes on the internet through my Cook-N app. I ended making up my own using the others as a template.

 2 cups (1/2 container) Imagine Bone Broth from Sam's club
Amount in encircled thumb and middle finger (1/4 package) Thai rice flat noodles (6-7" long)
closed hand full each of celery and onion both dehydrated. Approx 1-1/2 to 2 Tablespoons
1 lb steamer bag of veggies of choice from Sam's Club (no baby corn)
1 cup chicken precooked freezer portion
-today I added a closed handful of lentils.

I cook this all until the veggies and meat are thawed and heated through plus the lentils and rice noodles are tender.

Then I add GoChuJang Korean Chile Sauce and San-J Tamarai to taste.
Sometimes I add fish (oyster sauce).

If I had kim chee made I would add some of that too.

This splits into two meals unless I have not eaten earlier.

Prep time is about 5 mins or as long as it takes you to throw everything in a pot.
Cook time depends on what is added 10 mins (not frozen, not lentils) 20-30 mins (frozen- lentils)

I will take a picture of my food and add that.