Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Next 2 years- August 9, 2017

Finally after asking for my doctors to talk they finally got together and did just that about my ankle reconstruction surgeries.
confirmation that I should go ahead with their recommendation and approval of the 2 year course.

I will give my self a shot every night for the next two years in the upper thighs and lower abdomen, rotating sites of course. I will put a picture in later of my bruises. Yes I bruise easily but I am getting better.  Years ago I did Vitamin B12 shot in my thighs. So I know how to do shots, plus I have family with diabetes.

My goals for this 2 year stint is to see my bone mineral density go up, with the happy side effect that my lumbar and greater trochanter will increase also to be normal versus osteopenic.

My fitness plans are pool running and exercise doing what want to do on land in the water first.
Balance exercises on land with in reason.

I will also review and test items for transport of this hormone treatment.

Forteo.com has more info. ( I am not an affiliate of the company nor am I receiving anything from them.)
In short it is a parathyroid hormone and must be kept between 2-8 degree C (36 -46 degrees F).
It is perishable. they say during my 28 day use it can be out a max of 36 hours total. But I am not taking any chances. I want this course of treatment over in 2 years.

This drug helps build and lay down new bone without interfering with the body's natural bone resorption process (recycling of old bone into new bone).

I have used bio-phosphates in the past but had issues with it tearing up my gut and acid reflux after a while even when following the instructions to the letter.

I will test out my travel gear over the next two months. I will report how that goes.

If you have anything you want to ask, Send it to me.

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