Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Extended care program

UPDATE: I am now working out just to get back basic functioning without pain after surgery. I have gained weight and struggled with overwhelming fatigue episodes for the past decade plus. I have had Bilateral Fasciotomies (Dec 2012- Jan 2013) and recently ankle reconstructions and bracing(Feb & Apr 2017). These have changed my world both personally and as a Personal trainer. Being told I am not to run or be in an unstable environment has been the pits. I did these procedures so I could run again. My Bones are very soft near the ankle, so until bone mineral density is higher-they say no.

Recommendation form the doctor are more calcium citrate and vitamin D3.
Other suggested recommendations are home made bone broth with collagen.
Stay away from Gluten and other known digestive irritants for myself.
A very simple natural diet.
Some herbal supplements to support healthy bone.

Currently I have switched from the therapy at Logan Regional Hospital to Mountain West Therapy at the The Sports Academy and Racquet club in Logan, UT, because they have a warm therapy pool. Granted I miss the treadmill pool at the hospital, but there is more flexibility in timing. I can go more often without paying more. The extended care program offered through the club in partnership with Mountain West Therapy is really a good deal. Gives you access to all of their facility, other than those services and private lessons, etc that have a fee. MY husband has access because of an agreement with his employer and the club of pay per use fee.

I will write more as a review as I get to know the facility better. Right my main use has been the Therapy and indoor pool, plus locker room as amenities there.

Dry Sauna, Hot tub, Steam room

I will forgo the steam room for now. Past experience has been these rooms are not maintained as they should be and harbor mold types. I am sensitive to these, we will see on a day they are doing maintenance if I choose to go in or not.

The doctor recommended I take up swimming, but it does currently hurt my ankle to actually kick when I swim. So water walking and running in the pool are my options. I can walk on land as long as it is a level stable surface. Bicycling is ok Stationary depending on whether upright or recumbent or spin cycle. It seems that certain manufacturers forgot the short people. So far the spin bike is the best fit. The elliptical did not feel good on my ankles. My feet were picking up as they moved back.

I really just want to run again without pain

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