Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Final Doctor Visit

I went in yesterday for my last visit to see the doctor after Bi-lateral Ankle reconstruction and Brostrom procedures in Late February and Early April.

For now no running or high impact (no plyometrics) or heavy weight lifting, until my bone density is better.

So now realizing I need to take things slowly and work in a methodical way to recover. I realize my muscle mass loss was actually greater than I realized along with my aerobic capacity greatly decreased. Now begins my journey for strengthening my body again. I am starting from a low base line.

For now approved Low impact aerobic activities:
Water Running was approved (Yeah 😌 )
Low impact Step aerobics???

Other Low impact movement activities
Tai Chi

Strengthening activities
Using bands
Body weight exercises
kettle bells
weighted balls
Weights-low to moderate weights
Flexibility activities
Balance activities
Core strengthening activities

That is the short list-

For now I will have to sit down do a movement evaluation....(that may not be pretty at all 😞 )
No pictures to be posted here at this time.

Then putting together a Corrective Exercise program and then getting the Physical Therapist to approve it. Until later......

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