Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Gluten-free Rice Ramen

I really like ramen.
My roommate at BYU was Korean, so I learned to love kim chee and other Asian foods.
Later I spent time in Korea in the military.

But I have always loved Asian cuisine.
Asian cuisine is very healthy and has a lot of veggies. The nutritional value is high while the calorie count is low, but  a meal such as the one below is quote filling.

When I went Gluten-free I was sad because I could not find ramen. So for many years I went without. It was in the past few I have seen different varieties, my problem has been the extras in the seasoning packets. I looked up recipes on the internet through my Cook-N app. I ended making up my own using the others as a template.

 2 cups (1/2 container) Imagine Bone Broth from Sam's club
Amount in encircled thumb and middle finger (1/4 package) Thai rice flat noodles (6-7" long)
closed hand full each of celery and onion both dehydrated. Approx 1-1/2 to 2 Tablespoons
1 lb steamer bag of veggies of choice from Sam's Club (no baby corn)
1 cup chicken precooked freezer portion
-today I added a closed handful of lentils.

I cook this all until the veggies and meat are thawed and heated through plus the lentils and rice noodles are tender.

Then I add GoChuJang Korean Chile Sauce and San-J Tamarai to taste.
Sometimes I add fish (oyster sauce).

If I had kim chee made I would add some of that too.

This splits into two meals unless I have not eaten earlier.

Prep time is about 5 mins or as long as it takes you to throw everything in a pot.
Cook time depends on what is added 10 mins (not frozen, not lentils) 20-30 mins (frozen- lentils)

I will take a picture of my food and add that.

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