Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The rest of August and September Updates.

Well It has been since August since  I was last here.

Most of August I was busy with kids getting ready for Utah College of Massage Therapy.
One graduated the basic level and two entered to become Massage Therapists.

Pretty getting paperwork and all done for them was a major portion of my work.

September Brought my favorite event doTERRA's International Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.
With over 30,000+ in attendance.

The new essential oils and products brought forth were amazing.

The system for helping new people discover doTERRA was absolutely needed. No more confusion one united system and vocabulary.

The best and most heart warming part was the hygiene kits that were done.

The donations made to Operation Underground Railroad and the expansion upon the process of reintegration of those who have been through those events was awe inspiring. I am glad this company gives so much back and so much to those who share it. Who in turn give even more back to those around them.

Please see doterra.com for more info on Humanitarian efforts.

Please talk to me if you would like to learn ho to become a member and become better able to serve your fellow man.

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