Friday, April 24, 2015

I strive for and dream of a house of order

I want my house to look like a beautiful house of my friend who seems to keep things up well. I want to improve every room. I hope it will turn out to be orderly, well working and presentable to company always. I desperately yearn and strongly desire to make these changes for my family, my husband, my guests, and most importantly myself. 
I want to expand my potential for becoming a leader that has fruit on the tree.
Self mastery begins with me.

Progress report, we got 8 loads of laundry done, 5 loads put away sorted, 3 loads still need to be, and two more to be washed. This takes care of most of the boys room and the laundry room itself. 

Then of course IT hit me, I have been in bed for two plus daysunable to get up except to go to the bathroom. The coughing has finally eased some, but still there. I need to be careful about activity for a little bit to make sure no rebound happens. I am getting ready as soon as possible to go to my closet.
I had already set all my business clothing in a specific area. I need to go through and see what need to be replaced. I have focused on a lot of classic clothing, because of the timeless nature. The rule is buy better quality and less of it.
These are the shirts: uniform items- scouting and other volunteers organization uniforms, blazers, flannel/ denim work shirts, other business appropriate shirts that can be dressed up or down if needed. They all have collars so it makes one feel professional and ready for business. I will fill this out once my laundry is done. The slacks are on the end and skirts and dresses hang in a another area of my closet. I have totes with those clothes from earlier. These will gone through for relevance and need. I will rotate and make clusters using principles I have gleaned from Judith Rasbands book How to Clothe your Family and website I receive her newsletter and gleaned through all of the archives to understand the concepts she talks about. I have had prior training plus a lot of self study in fashion and dress. 
 There are people who will read and face palm but in all truth, I do know how to dress but there are days I decide to let it all go because I am so stessed out. 

I am making an effort to do better to dress even when I am home. It make me feel better, but I hate to ruin good clothes doing house hold chores. Luckily, clusters includes the out in public wear, not so much the doing painting. And caring for animals chores, garden, etc. That does not mean I get to stay in sweats all day otherwise. OK PJs while sick and in bed yes. Fitness clothing for fitness.

Capsules are closed systems and really are limited. Clusters are open and can be expanded to meet the needs of the individual. 
I will show you what I put together in the future.

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