Sunday, July 5, 2015

Crochet Scarf

This is scarf I started on about three years ago. Ok yes it has been sitting in a bin waiting.
Well it is done. I crocheted through Sunday School, Relief Society, and changed when I got home and continued on. It took a little over three hours. I will need to get some more yarn to redo the fringes.

Now on to my daughter's afghan that was started after she turned 8 years old. I told her I would have it done by the time she was 12 ( entering young women's), then 16 for her sweet sixteen, then 18 because she was and adult. Well she is on her LDS mission Spokane Washington. I have 8 plus just a little to find all the squares finish the last 15 squares and put it together.

I really do not want to put it off any longer or it may not get done until the next mil lineup.

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