Sunday, July 5, 2015

Closet Seamstress Sews Maxi skirt/ dress

This was posted or so I thought 22 June. Out Internet has been wonky, so.

I admit I am a closet seamstress, I have seen many of the maxi skirts but have not like the color combos and /or patterns in the material. Looking at scale some were just way too big.
I got some knit fabric- T-shirt material and will be making a tee shirt from it later. 
I drafted the pattern today using instructions from Here is the preliminary sketch.
Here is the full skirt pattern.
This is the waist band pattern.

Sorry no video of me sewing this. 
Construction was easy cut out the waistband, the front and back of the skirt.
Sew side seams of the front and back wrong side together.
Take waist band sew ends together to form a tube( right side facing- comfortable but snug to waist).
Fold band in half wrong side together, slip inside skirt so right sides are together on the inside of the skirt.
Sew waist band in place stretching to fit the skirt. Give room to slip it on and off easily.
Just do the hem, I did 3/4 inch.
You are done, thanks Deby from

I can wear this under a shirt and have some support*. 
I did make a slight deviation from the directions, where the waistband and skirt come together should have been on the inside versus the outside.
This is the maxi skirt waistband down.
My dress form is a Petite Twinfit by Dritz( I purchased 2003 for around $120 from Hancock Fabrics- I was bodybuilding and could not find decent clothing to fit in size 0-2. She was perfect for that 32-25-33 and 100 lbs soaking wet.) She will adjust to Bust-30-36 inches, waist-22-28 inches, hips-31-37 inches, back to waist length-14.5-16.5, and 12.5+ neck, which means I will not choke making a neck line. I will be padding her up a little bit as she will not expand to the full measure needed for my hips (38-39 inches depending on the day),  waist (28-29 inches), and a few others need some padding. I will be looking to upgrade later to a heavy duty one.

Not bad for about 3-1/2 hours pattern draft to finished product.

(* I do not wear bras very often, because the physical pain they cause is not worth it. I do wear camisoles and I guess  similar to bikini top triangle bra with ribbon, otherwise I do not wear anything. I am LDS so I do have a layer under my clothing.)

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