Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving 9 days and counting...

We are preparing for our dinner after Thanksgiving. 
The holiday menu ismenu is gluten-free, potato-free, corn- free:
Whipped sweet potatoes
Rice stuffing
Green beans
Veggie tray
Yogurt based dip/ dressing
Fruit tray
Cheese cake dip
Pumpkin pudding
Fresh whipped cream
Home made ice cream
Mulled Apple cider or raw milk or water
We have cleaned out the fridge to hold parts of this. We are scrubbing the kitchen and  disinfecting it. 
To ensure a clean safe environment. 
We are asking that no one bring in outside food. We appreciate offers, but would like to avoid cross- contamination. It is not worth being sick and feeling like a truck has run you over, not being able to digest food for over a week and spending quality time on the porcelain throne. It is better to avoid such situations if it maintains quality of life.

Please consider if you are one who is blessed with food allergies or other dietary issues sometimes it is better to bring your own or avoid the food portion of the event. This helps keep others from feeling awkward from your interrogation about ingredients or cooking methods. I do not want to burden others with these things, because they have so much to deal with already. I appreciate that my mother(-in-law), Nancy and sister-in-law, Barbara have always made the effort to accommodate my dietary needs. Thank you both it means a lot to me because I know you care.

These are our family strategies for maintaining high quality of life during the holidays. I will have to write a follow on pieces about travel and eating out, explaining why you get what you pay for.

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