Monday, July 28, 2014

Through small and simple things

great things come to pass.

I am taking those simple steps now.

I woke up early:
-checked email
-quickly perused facebook for business related posts
-read some articles on business
-available to take phone calls 8-9 am MDT
-moving kids along to take of animals etc.
-hit the treadmill for 15 mins-a slow walk

Does it always happen like this?? NO

Next on the agenda tonight will be The basic four workout.

The Basic Four are the exercise that all exercises are based on:
Push Ups (Close hand or Diamonds, Shoulder width, Wide arm or outside the shoulder)
Pull Ups (Using bands and/or tower to do Lat Pulldowns)
Squats (touch my glute to the bench, but don't sit down)
Deadlifts. (bend at the hips, not the waist or the knee-knee should not be locked)
 and for fun I throw in some lunges. (Ok, not fun, pure torture I hate them. But they help shape the glute and the thigh. So I do them anyway.)

I am improving a little at a time. Taking the steps necessary to reach a larger goal (Those pictures in the post prior). I'll address food later.
 I really need to find Breakfast and the shower.

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