Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dying Laptops and Dreams

I tried this yesterday, my laptop is going the way of most electronics. We used to love Dell, until they shipped all their work overseas. My oldest being the geek he is was able to recover everything with a Linux based program once my windows became un-repairable. The laptop limped along 6 months then I transferred the hard disk from the chassie (spelling?) to an external case and used it on an older dell that was on its way out. Ironically that desktop is still going with Fedora (a Linux based Program). I got a new HP Laptop for $600 through Costco shipped directly from China. Well come to find out I cannot  upgrade to Windows 8.1 or downgrade to Windows 7 (really would be an upgrade). No Bluetooth on board. DO NOT Buy these laptops, spend the money on a decent laptop. You get what you pay for. WE are buying an iMac next. Like all things we do and buy now, we put money aside until we have accumulated enough to do the activity or buy the item.

We went on Vacation Mid-May until Memorial Day. We traveled to Denver and waited for my husband to complete Reserve Duty. We then headed to Nauvoo, IL. In Nauvoo, we were going to camp but because of high winds and rain decided it best not to. We did do a few activities that afternoon and looked around the Visitors center and souvinier shop. John got a cap from the time period. I picked up a couple books and Rolling pin. We also bought homemade root beer. The next day my husband and I were able to participate in a Temple Session. It is such a beautiful and spiritual environment. The kids were able to participate in some other activities while we were there. Next we headed to NC to see my brother. WE spent a few days there. It was good as my youngest kids never met him and his wife. It was fun to take a trip to Nags Head to the beach. Many years ago, I was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. My husband I would frequent Cape Hatteras Beach and Light house. We also loved touring the USS North Carolina. WE headed to Berks County to look at Headstones for my husbands family. It was actually fun looking at various Headstones and such. Now if I could get my Dad's Genealogy past the 5 Generation mark in Finland. We then headed to the capstone event and that was to see one my husbands friends from Tours in Iraq get married. A beautiful wedding. I honestly have not seen that many weddings. Receptions- yes. Sealings in the Temple-all total 3. The ho-down after was absolutely fun to watch.
Thank you Chuck and Nicole Beebe for a wonderful experience.

Our next Adventure was a LIFE Leadership Major Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Wow! What a drive. Should I say we needed oars. It was great. Loved all of the speakers Friday and Saturday. Bill Lewis was Awesome times two. The recognition was awesome. Orrin Woodward Setting a New Guinness Worlds Record was fun and getting to help was even more fun. We left Early Sunday, because my husband had to be home to go to work. Really sucks, but the future is bright. I will have to review notes and report on those.

WE love the Sons of Liberty,  we belong to a wonderful Team.

Time for more reading and self education.

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