Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Title of Liberty and the Constitution

Today has been one of those days... I could not seem to concentrate and the list before me look like a mountain that was just to big to climb before the snows set in. I finally went and prayed about things and laid my heart out for Heavenly Father and then to receive his answer I turned to the scriptures. The Book of Mormon specifically the same one I turned to 2 nights ago before bed. Alma 46:12  I ended up sitting down at my computer then looking at Facebook and knew what I had to do...
Here is the result
 ....he rent his coat;and he took a piece thereof, and wrote upon it-"In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children;"-and he fastened it upon the end of a pole. (Alma 46:12, The Book of Mormon)
I have just finished watching 'A More Perfect Union: America becomes a Nation' a recreation of events of the Constitutional Convention. A document which has stood for over two hundred years. It weighs heavily upon my mind how many freedoms we have lost in the name of security. How many of our Congressional representatives in the Senate and House Elected by popular vote give a lip service to the citizens saying they support this way of thinking then choosing to vote the other way; Because of an agreement to get another piece of the pie(Money). No, it is wrong to sell you soul to a lobbyist or to say things to get votes. This applies to both National and State representatives. Some treat citizens as children who need to be looked after and told what to do. There are some who believe they need to be told what to do. Then there are those who do not believe this. I am one of those who believes I should have a voice and a choice. Our representatives need to hear our voices on the National and State Level loud and clear.  WE care. WE are watching. WE do VOTE. Who among you who read this today will repost this to your wall, your National and State Representatives wall? Will you stand with me and tell them the will of the people? Will you repost this for the world to see? It is your choice…..
I made this challenge to all who read my post and I just completed this to the best of my ability.
- The only National Leader I could not post this to was Sen. United States Senator Mike Lee all of the
others were open for posting. Now for the state level.
- I was able to post to Rep. Menlove, but not to Sen. Knudson. I sent him a Personal message requesting
him to post to his site. Curious though I could not message United States Senator Mike Lee there was no
option for this on his page. Maybe Sam Fidler can get him to post my comments above?
Now the question with those I share my blog here would you repost this?

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