Saturday, August 31, 2013

Introduction Continued

Let me review:
First, I am a daughter of God and Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Second, I am married and love my husband.
Third, I am a mother to only 5 children.
Fourth, I wish I knew where to start this one.....
Everything else jockeys for this position....
Home school, Church, Our Farm, Our LIFE Business , Scouts, Hunters Education/NRA, VFW/Military and so much more.

Home school will come top of the list next week, We start reading per subject of the month and working on the basics we all need. Reading(history, literature, science), writing(grammar and spelling), and arithmetic(mainly the basics-adding, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

But Farm chores are a part of that too (Animal husbandry). Irrigation is Monday afternoons. it means fetching the water, unless one of our kind neighbors releases it. Checking gates up the line to insure they are closed so we are getting our full time and allotment. Sometimes this does mean helping a neighbor who is unable to attend to his irrigation and taking care of it for them. It is always good to serve. The kids get to feed and water the chickens, goats, cats, and dogs. We just got new chicks from a neighbor. They are cute fuzzy golf balls. We will be slaughtering some chickens because they are just mean to the others and we figure they will make good stew pot chickens. We will slaughter the rest next summer or fall, as our new flock will getting ready to lay. Gardening of course is next on the menu, Trees, fruits and veggies. Lots to do.

Household chores ( household care and economics) like anything else are like pulling teeth. But they eventually get done. My house is very lived in and we try to keep it neat until 'Mud'season-this is in the Spring when it rains and the dogs and kids track in mud and we sweep what seems like almost constantly.  We are still trying to put in grass, but we have to move the goat/chicken coop first for the winter.

Church and religious activities are always important and always apart of school. Luckily this is where scouting falls in, I am thankful the Church and Scouts are still partners in helping to bring young men to Christ.  

As you can see all of these come together, now I have to pick and choose. Our businesses come into being the next big thing. We try to give quality time learning as much as we can about leadership materials and the essential oils. I try to attend mentoring calls on a daily basis with those above me and contacting those I work with on my team hoping to answer any questions they may have. I try to help my husband with his business too. We are in reality partners in each others business, we have an interest in having each business succeed. We want our financial freedom so we can help in moving the mission of  freedom forward and keeping our great country free.  Everything I do all works together into the big picture. Just fitting all that reading  is not easy, or the listening, or the associations I am building.

I think that is a good introduction and you will just have to keep up to find out more. I'll have to decide if I am going to have a specific format or just be random (designate subjects of the day). Blog once a day or every couple of days.

May Heavenly Father bless and keep us all.

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