Thursday, August 29, 2013


This has been something I have been avoiding, but at the same time I knew I needed to do. The itch to blog in this particular arena has been slowly picking away at me since March this year. I have had a couple other blogs, but they were related to professional interests and other hobbies. This blog is more about general life and what I am reading, listening, who I am associating with, and where I may be not coming up to the mark. It will be guaranteed to be eclectic, but informative. I will try to do some essential oil education, personal training and standard nutritional advice; But it should be noted-What I do personally for my diet and fitness needs, are different from my scope and practice in the Fitness Professional arena. I cannot advise you in a professional setting to do exactly what I do. We are all unique individuals and have requirements that we must discover individually.

First, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and do believe and do my best to live within the Principles set forth. I learn for myself and pray about how to apply those principles. Because we need to find the balance in what Heavenly Father wants us to do, which is not always the same for everyone. Sometimes the rules are different and they are fair.

Second, I am married and love my husband. He is my greatest example for why I strive to be better. I am not perfect, but neither is he. We both must look past our faults to love one another. We do not try to change each other, We try to change ourselves into the person we want to be.

Third, We have children, only 5, and I do love each and every one of them. One off on a mission, another doing his own thing, the third just turned 18 and she is still at home, the fourth a smart sensitive young man, and last but definitely not least, the baby who is often creating the scenario for or talking about the great battles and equipment of World War II (Please bring patience and cotton balls-he takes after his dad.).

More introduction later, kids are still lazing the day away and farm chores need to be done.

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