Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Can you sleep through anything?


There once was a farmer looking for a your man to help out at the farm. There were several young men who interviewed for the job and as far as the farmer could tell they were about equally well qualified. He then went and asked them each one final question...Tell me, he would say, Why should I hire you above the others?”

Of all of the applicants and their replies, there was one that was really different. One young man said...”because I can sleep through anything.” At first the farmer thought it was just strange, then the more he thought the more he was intrigued and mystified by the response. So he figured, well I will give this young man a chance and he hired him.

Weeks went by and the farmer was pretty happy with the young mans work. He still wondered sometimes what the young man had meant by his strange reply, but he never got around to it. Then one night he was awakened in the middle of night got a phone call from neighbor. There’s a big 33 storm suddenly coming in with lots of wind, maybe a tornado. Better get ready for it,” was the quick message.

Indeed as the farmer went and looked out the door he found that the wind was strong and rising and rain had started. He quickly ran and tried to wake the young man up to start getting everything ready for the blow...but try as he might, the young man couldn’t be stirred. Muttering to himself about what a stupid thing he had done in hiring a lazy boy who wouldn’t wake up when he really needed him...the farmer went out to the farm.

He went out to tie down the hay...but discovered that the hay was already tied down securely. Next he went to the barn and the corrals...and every time he looked, everything had already been prepared. After a while of just wandering around the farm, of discovering that there was nothing that needed to be done at the last minute...because it had all been done before, the farmer returned to the house, but instead of muttering, he actually found himself singing the praises of this young man. He had realized, to his great joy, that the reason that the young man could sleep through anything was because before he went to bed each and every night he had already prepared for the very worst. And so the farmer followed the example of the young man, since everything was already prepared, he undressed and was soon fast asleep, with a huge smile of peace on his face.

Moral of the is better to be overly prepared than under prepared, you get more sleep that way.

 “There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated-- “And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.” D&C 130:20-21

 “For behold, it is not meet that I should command in all things; for he that is compelled in all things, the same is a slothful and not a wise servant; wherefore he receiveth no reward.” D&C 58:26

Over the past the year I have been reading from Jesus the Christ, on Sundays during Sunday School. I have attempted to do this many times over the years. I did not go on a mission before I got married so I did not have that sacred time to read or the charge to read as it would have been a part of the 'library' I would have been allowed. I have been blessed to be allowed chunks of time before Sacraments meetings to sit quietly and read, it has given me some great insight and respect there are times I cry as I read because I feel deeply the word pictures and see them in my minds eye. For those who observe they just see me cry. On occasion during the breaks as the Young men are passing the Sacrament I will read, but usually I am deep in prayer about my children and asking for guidance in how to work with them. I will receive specific answers for me for my children and what to do. Sometimes it is just reassurance I am on the right path. Most Sacrament meetings I take note book to take notes on items that strike a cord within  me.  I take time before we really start the meeting to write an issue or question we are addressing at home or other wise I am asking about or the situation or the child specifically who is in need. Sometimes it is something that comes to me that I must focus on. I will write what comes to mind as prompted. I do my best to implement those items. Some are shared here but not in specific form, because they are for me and my family-I do not even share all of them with my husband. Some pertain to our relationship, and what I need to do to become a better wife. (Those can actually be very tender and tough at the same time.)  I know you want me to get to get to the point and know what all this has to do with the story I shared above and those scriptures.

I have been interested in Preparation for a long time. My library reflects such and so do some of my experiences. I am grateful that is within my heart. I only hope to be of service when the time comes. I have long gathered the information and have practiced and done my best to learn skills that would be helpful. I have even went so far as to volunteer with organizations, to learn knew skills and have a reason to practice them on a consistent basis. I was blessed, though I did not recognize it at the time, to live in a home that had meager means and experienced some choice life events that I would not wish on others. I am healing from these. The passage of time and coming to accept that those events have helped me to become more receptive to the guidance I needed. I have been blessed with an understanding loving husband, who loves me in spite of my short comings and imperfections. I am sure my Great Uncle to talked to the President at BYU to get me into BYU; knew that his little good deed to make sure I found husband would actually pay off. It has been over 24 years of marriage now and 25 years knowing one another.  His only regret he keeps telling me is not marrying within the month of proposing. Which it probably would have been good for both of us. But there were things to learn and live too.

I am comfortable to say I am not 'totally prepared' yet, I am still learning and receiving insight for me and my family.

I have a few more chapters to finish reading, then I will start all over again. I want to learn more. I wan to recognize Him when He returns.

My goal is to be able as the young man above to be able to sleep through anything, because I know that I am prepared in all aspects of my life.

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