Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Here are the shoes left in my closet. 
Left to Right , top to bottom
Brown leather slip-ons from AAFES over 7 years ago
Black soft Leather boots from Park City Outlet Mall over 5 years ago
Brown Leather strap sandals from before I got married, yes over 24 years ago
Dark Gray Suede Boots from Park city Outlet Mall over 5 Years ago
Gray Altra Zero-Drop Shoe From Al's Sport Store purchased 1 month ago. 
-My everyday shoe that ends up in church somtimes and at events that requires a lot of walking.
Blue Asics Running Shoe from Al's Sport Store purchased 1 month ago
Leather strap Flip-flop from Payless over 7 years ago.
Red Sandal from Payless over 7 years ago.
Plus the toe sof my fuzzy blue slippers for around the house in summer.
Not pictured 
-Olive muck boots for yard and irrigation work over 4 years old.
-Insulated Hunting boots over 8 years old
-My rubber sole blue suede fuzzy lined house shoes for winter purchased last winter.
-Bright Blue Water shoes
-Black Patent Leather shoes for Class A military uniform for Funerals
-Shower shoes- on pair in van and one pair for around the house when it is really hot
-BLack Leather combats boots 

Funny thing is that I have gotten rid of all of the heels over 1 inch, because they cause shin splints. My husband and I discussed this last night. I was frustrated at not being able to wear them because of the pain they cause. His response was "Good, you don't need them anyway." He explained that one of the podiatrist he saw says that he loves ladies who wear high heels becuase they are his best patients and keep in business. I guess for all my podiatrist friends, i wion't be a good customer.  

I am so grateful for a man who does care for flashy things, wel except guns and garden tools.

I do need to look for a good quality pair of Leather strap sandals to replace the 20 year old ones. Plus I am looking at a pattern that alloows me to make the sole and upper of a shoe through crochet. WE shall see where that goes. 

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