Saturday, June 20, 2015

Crock pot meal and make ahead freezer meal

*Sorry no pictures.....
Wednesday this week
I cooked up 12 Drumsticks in the crockpot on High for 4 hours with a little cooking liquid.
I baked 6 Chicken breasts (good sized) they also had cooking liquid with freshly ground Italian spices, Sea Salt, and freshly ground peppercorn medley (green , red, white). I baked on 425 for about an hour plus.
Mean time I used my rice cooker to make up 8 servings of rice. Using the measuring cup that comes with the rice cooker measures only 3/4 c or 145 g of rice. I put water in to the 8 cup line in the pan, than added 3 rice measuring cups. I set it going with an hour delay and let it cook away.  This was Batsmati rice, not the standard Long Grain white rice. There is a carrier used to add nutrients back that I have had issues with so I only use Batsmati, brown, Arborio, or mixes without the stuff added.  I rinse and soak all of my rice.
While this was all cooking. I took out the broccoli and cut it to size I needed.

When the rice and chicken breasts were done. I allowed to breast to cool on the counter. I scooped rice out into two pans about 1/2 to 1 inch. Then I put the broccoli on. I pulled out two boxes cream of something (chicken and mushroom) soup I have diluted them as directed poured half of the mix over over pan and the rest over the other.  (I used Pacific Organic Brand- no Gluten, no Corn or Potato. I may have to pull out my Gluten-Free Gourmet book and find the Cream soup base and make without the boullion.) I then sliced the chicken breasts and added them on top. Pulled out my shredder and just over a pound Medium cheddar. I put half of what I Shredded on each meal. then I took foil and put non-Shiny side down. They are now in the freezer waiting their date with destiny-Dinner.

Now the drum stick were going to do something similar, But I had to feed the kids and husband. 2 drumsticks each with a hardy helping of rice (I ran a second batch.) and some BBQ sauce for them was a meal.

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