Thursday, January 22, 2015

(Insert Name) made me think...

** Now the disclaimer-I used to think the way another dressed or the lack of dress made me think a certain way. I have since through study and lots of prayer figured out it is totally my choice what I think and I take responsibility for my own thought and actions. **

I am a bit concerned with the thought that I can make someone think something by the way I look. and It is therefore my fault because they are thinking that way.

I remember being taught in Young Women that the way I dressed influenced the way a young man thought.
Where does this leave the responsibility? It leaves it totally on the young woman.
Where is the young mans responsibility to control his thoughts? It does not sound like he has any. It sounds like he can be in any state of dress and it is OK.

I know the Young Women no longer swim at Girls Camp and at youth activities. They don't swim at camp or told to bring capri and t-shirts with sleeves to wear in the water at those youth activities. But here is what I don't understand why can a young man go around in just his swim trunks with no top. Simply put it is a double standard.

What this teaches is that Young Men and Men are not able to control their thoughts and it is always the Young Woman's and Woman's responsibility to keep them on the straight and narrow in their thinking.

I believe when we hit Judgement day. I will be judged on my thoughts alone, not what anyone else chose to think. I know this. I can say it with confidence after I have had somethings happen in my life that I choose not to discuss openly. Those who need to know, know and understand.

A great book that started my healing process was And They Were Not Ashamed by Laura Brotherson. Can you imagine what it must feel like to hear in Genesis that we were created in the image of our Heavenly Parents and pronounced very good. But in the next breath we are told we are defective and our bodies are sinful because they MAKE other think naughty thoughts.
This is just not true.

Our bodies are in the image of our Heavenly Parents-the body is good and beautiful.

Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Is that bad? No.
Sometimes because of the care or lack of care or medicines or other enviromental factors there are differences. Considering I know this first hand you see the body building pictures in prior posts. That was a result of very careful planning and care of exercise and what I put in my mouth. Really a huge influence was my thought process about that phase. I used a lot of guided imagery and visualization.

What does that have to do with thoughts?
What we think makes a huge difference in our outcomes. I have been chosen to no longer input huge amounts of media from many sources into my CPU (My brain). GI-GO (Garbage in-garbage out). I am choosing to read more classics. Listen to audios that centered and focused more on true principles. I am choosing to watch that which uplifts the souls as a whole.

My workout music used to consist of music I listened as a Young Adult in high school. Notice I said 'used to' I now listen to audios or books on tape or use my homemade 'treadmill desk' (a board across the part that stick out) to compose papers or reading a book. I have found by using those instead of the music I learn so much more the uptake in my mind is wonderful. I remember more it seems and I process it better, making better connections.

I have found that words in general affect us. Anyone who sees my big mug  notices the words Gratitude, love and joy. I am adding peace. Why? Because It affects the way I feel. I need the positive to counteract the negative that comes in.

It has been said that we need the following ratios of Positive comments to counteract a negative comment:
Positive: Negative
3:1 to move forward
2:1 languishing
1:1 depression
6:1 flourishing
5:1 required for a successful marriage

Words may have more influence than what is seen.

WE need to see others as people, not objects. A couple good books on this is Leadership and Self Deception and The Anatomy of Peace by the Arbinger Institute. If you would like to get copies ask and I will send you links for both.

What we need to do is focus on the persons heart, not what they are wearing.
There are so many beautiful hearts that are hidden beneath burkas or abayas or bikinis or knee length shorts and dresses or T-shirts with sleeves.
Look at them with the Saviors' heart. Love them into fellowship.

Remember our culture is not the only culture, look at the changes within the Church over the last few years and the way programs are able to be modified to meet the needs of a worldwide Church versus just those in Utah. Because Utah is not the Church. We are a very diverse people and it is beautiful. True principles always prevail.

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