Friday, November 8, 2013

October the Month of Conventions

It is the first full week in November, and I am recovering. I have been so blessed in my life. In January 2010 I was invited to the Metabolic Blend Launch at Noah's. This one event has affected my health in a very great way. I waited until the end of February to sign up and begin experimenting with essential oils. I knew of essential oils and had used them on  and off along with herbs. I still do. My past experience had not boded well, because I had used other essential oils with out success. I know I had been approached by more than one company but did not 'feel' right with the approach. I did not want to actively sell something I did not believe in or could not use myself. During the time between February 2010 through October/November 2012. I began to progressively use more of the essential oils, though I was not very experienced, only knowing I could use them topically and aromatically. I started looking at our situation overall. I did notice some subtle changes. It was a very stressful time in our home. One of our older sons had made choices that made his life and our life more difficult, during that summer he went to find his path. We pray he is happy where ever he is and in whatever he is doing. Our oldest left on his LDS Mission serving in California Los Angeles Mission Spanish speaking. That left three kids. 22 Chickens, two Nigerian Dwarf whether goats, two cats (in the garage) and two dogs at home. In November my desire to share what I was learning through the internet became stronger. I found a local Wellness Advocate/IPC and asked if I could join her group. I did. I was an Orphan IPC it was simple. I was then linked to (now a very good friend) Lillian. She has been mentoring both my daughter and I in using the oils. Her wisdom is beyond, what I can describe and I learn something new from her every time we meet. She has given me gentle correction, as needed (sometimes often). She has been a listening ear helping me see the something I missed. She has helped our knowledge grow about the essential oils-It is phenomenal. Her coaching has given me the confidence to share what I am learning more. I attended my first Essential Oil Convention October 2013. WOW. 12,000 people tickets sold out in less than a month. Then they brought in the live stream because of demand for the knowledge that is gained, there were 6,000 plus who watched the general sessions at home. Next year 2014 this Essential Oil company has both the Energy Solutions Arena (the old Delta Center) and the Salt Palace Reserved for convention. I did my ticket already. But guaranteed they will sell out again. Well my head was swimming from that one and I was ready to go share some more. There was a period of just over two weeks and it went by fast and off to the next convention. It was for LIFE.

LIFE? I meant to say The L.I.F.E. Business. (Living Intentionally for Excellence). Background to this is I have home schooled my kids using the canned ham method. I got a program for math, science, etc. worksheets-ugh! Then I discovered the 4-year-plan I rotated Science-Literature-History on a 4 year cycle.
I had a list of suggested books to read with my kids. We loved doing the Science experiments and reading and acting out history. Reading books was hit and miss with which one s the kids liked. During this Iw as also working on my Bachelors Degree. Yes going to college by day and homeschooling by afternoon or night. It took lots of work, but I had the frame work. Thank goodness. During my last term in school via the Salt Lake Home Educators Group I learned about Thomas Jefferson Education through the Face-to-Face with Greatness seminars sponsored by George Wythe College from Cedar City, UT. I attended all three of these seminars. The last one was had the most impact though it was the weekend after 9-1-2001, For me because I an a veteran and my husband stills serves now. The friends I got to know over time in those seminars-Dr. Shannon Brooks and Oliver DeMille, I consider to be friends who helped me turn down a very different path. They opened education up for me in way I had not thought of-I read a lot of books anyway but to direct the what I was reading int the way they were suggesting was short of mind-boggling. I took what was suggested to heart and I combined it with the four year plan. I was able to get fresh new books and perspectives for myself and my children. Now you are wondering what does all this have to do with a convention.

Welll... the beginning of this year my husband and I began discussing our future, our grandchildren, and the radical changes being made in our country. It is not the same one I grew up in. My husband had reread my TJEd Library and figured out he needed a mentor. I told him to write to Oliver and ask for advice. Well he waited and waited and waited. So I finally did what any good wife would do and contacted Rachel (Oliver's wife) I explained the situation and we discussed back and forth. Once I had done this I let my husband know what he needed to do. He wrote an email to Rachel who discussed it with Oliver. They in turn recommended and excellent young man whom they knew personally was receiving great mentoring-Their son-in-law Ian (married to Emma). David and Ian had meetings as regularly as the Railroad would allow. Oliver and Orrin Woodward had released Leadershift. David and I attended a seminar at which Oliver presented the 9th Key and signed books. My husband finally met Oliver and he was intrigued the spark of light went from a small flicker to a full flame. About a month later, Ian closed out one of his sessions asking to meet with both David and I-we agreed. As the week progressed we discussed back and forth what the meeting was about. Many theories abounded-we will not expound on those now. But the day came and Ian Introduced us to the Life Business. At it's core and center is building community, That community works together to live principles that are natural law. Those principles are discovered through reading, studying, and then associating one with another, edifying and learning together. This brings us to convention the end of October.

Fall Leadership Convention was totally awesome! How inspiring well worth the ticket. To learn about the humble beginnings of all of the founders and those who are Roundtable and Policy Council Members. My head is so full. I can't wait to get the recap. Especially Tim Marks-'There is a bat in your bathroom.' The big take away was dream the impossible and it is possible as long as you work toward it. The materials have a life changing effects on lives of individuals, marriages, and families. Focusing on the 8 F's -Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Freedom, Friends, Following, Fun. I will try to discuss this more later.

Hopefully it was interesting til next time.....

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