Thursday, March 2, 2017

Making a Bra from Pin-UP Girls Pattern 10-14 Dec 2016

This post is about exactly what the title says. Bras.

The pattern was purchased from Bra Makers Supply, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
The creator was Beverly Johnson.

Below are my first attempt at making a bra. 30DDD or 30F-this one had too much cup and not enough band. Hence bigger band smaller cup.

Why that sizing? Because 30DDD or 30F is what Dillards and Victorias Secret said I wore. Bras are vanity sized just like clothing, scary really especially when you get those big girls who have JJ or KK cups (yes they really have those sizes).

Will be test out the 32E  or 32DD pattern next, I do have back up plans if needed, I own pattern s for 30-38 A-D, 30-38 E-H(-Yes, those are more D's than I want to count.), and if really needed, I have the book that shows me how to draft from measurements only. As soon as  find the appropriate matching panty fabric I will be making those to match my bras. I have already drafted my pattern for those panties.

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