Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Weekly Drops of Wisdom-WA Spotlight

I love hearing stories of the outreach of Wellness Advocates in communities across the country! dōTERRA provided this amazing story about Jennifer Thomas who volunteers her time at a local hospital and hospice center in order to bring comfort and care to the patients in a way that the doctors and nurses don’t always have time to give. https://doterra.com/US/en/about/caring-jennifer-thomas
As a youth I had opportunities to visit with and listen to those adults older that were much older than me, who could no longer get out as much. I learned from these fountains of wisdom many things that continue to bless my life. In my adult years, I have been able to volunteer with community organizations that help the suffering of those and to bring rays of light to those around me. Visiting those in the Veterans Hospital is one way. Taking time to visit veterans in their homes. Helping set up event venues for Home school conference has been great too. Now because of time and distance I do more volunteer work for the home school community online and over the phone answering questions about home schooling. Giving encouragement to those just starting their homeschool journey. I continue to enjoy volunteering with Community organizations as I am able. 
 What are some ways you have found you can contribute to your community? Leave a comment down below and enjoy the story! Hopefully, you feel as inspired by it as I do!

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