Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Life is Like an Orange

More specifically a clementine. 

So easy to peel-Really it means that I am shedding my protective shell and allowing you in.

and segment-this is a specific event or group of events in my life I am sharing with you.

Some segments are juicy and sweet-these are the happiest and joyous moments of my life. 
The day I met my husband, the birth of my children, and meeting you-my special friends.  

others are sour and dry-these are the challenges in my life. The loss of innocence through abuse, loss of a loved one, watching a child stray, seeing my friends pain that comes with life's challenges.  

But really my life encompasses a variety of citrus fruit it all depends what I need at the time. Lemons, limes, Grapefruit, etc. Each fruit could symbolize the events in a specific incident or a group of a specific type of incidents. Each fruit having their own flavor quality. 
I love them all in reality. They allow me to experience the bitter and the sweet. 

This really is about my healing journey to feel whole again and how I am traveling there. 
Do you want to learn more?
Do you want to start your own Journey and have a companion along the way?
I am here.
Let us walk hand in hand along the way.....

Now having read this, this was originally prepared for a presentation at a Christ-Centered Energy Healing Conference. Maybe when Heavenly Father deems it right I will present this, share some clementines (or other fruit), and fill in the details. 

I look forward to meeting you. 

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