Friday, May 20, 2016

How Time flies......1st Quarter 2016

****NOTICE This particular blog post will have information added over time because it is not complete by any means.*****
First let me apologize to those who actually read this blog or at least stop in with a cup of herbal tisane to visit.

I have been been through a challenging period since November. Though it has been a very blessed period for me too. Having another prodigal appear. I finished out group mentoring call series with Jen Mavros and Gina Truman. What an eye opening experience I learned so much. I finished my training to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and began the practical portion working with people. I began learning the Body Code System 2.0 (Patented by Dr Bradley Nelson as of May 2016.)

December was uneventful, but a time for healing and reconciliation with a prodigal son. Christmas was quiet event at home, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I finished my practical portion to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and submitted my application. I completed the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Food Nutrition Specialist (Let me state, I am not a Dietition. Within my scope of practice I educate about the sound eating practices as put out by the Fitness and nutrition industry.) to re-certify as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

January was a bit busier with a Life Leadership Major Event in Sandy, UT. But in reality is was such a relief because it was not as stressful as traveling to California, Ohio or Missouri. I taught Hunter Education classes. I was blessed to have Gina Truman and Jen Marvos offer another Group Mentoring series call. We learned that our son has Delayed Phase Sleep- Meaning he does not function on a normal sleep schedule. Most shift workers have this been this has been an issue for a long time, but I realized that we all have this issue. This is part of the reason we chose to homeschool, our house rarely moves before 9 am, personally it is 10 am. You want to see zombies come to the house before 10 am. Honestly 9 am church is struggle for me. I bathe and shower the night before. I get up between 7:30 and 8:00 am. Head to church about 0830 to allow my self to center . The Spirit is a bit stronger because it is quiet and allows me to set my mind and wake up more. I am counting the Sundays until 1 pm church. It is either that or attend the 1100 am or 1 pm ward.

February was somewhat eventful we started going back to our friend a dentist who took care of us for many years while living in Salt Lake. Our did a formal sleep study and they found he does have issue with sleep. Then end of February I brought David to the hospital emergency room because he could not breath. He had a bad flu that caused his asthma to really kick up. They decided to hospitalize him for a few days to make sure he stayed stable. Joseph had to pick me up from the hospital because by the time they decided to admit him Iw as in no condition to drive. I spent Sunday afternoon until Tuesday in bed sleeping and being cared for by my kids. Thank goodness for them and their hearts. I knew neither of our conditions was serious so I did not tell anyone at church. I got an earful later for that. Rest was necessary is all.

Caucus Night, it was a pleasure to help out with the flag and do others things to help the election process. Towards the end of March when I started feeling fatigued, has stayed about the same. I manage this by taking naps and keeping my schedule very open and flexible. I will need to have the Doctor check my Vitamin D and B12 levels again. Plus start taking the herbs and using oils that support healthy thyroid function. Making sure my supplementation is right makes a difference. Eating period is good. One meal a day is not enough. I know that, but there are days I just cannot even eat. No appetite or anything. I force myself to eat that one meal and drink water or some caloric beverage sweetened with cane sugar, that way I am taking in calories of some type. Sugar is glucose which is what the brain uses.

That is a quick overview of the first quarter of the year. I had some really great learning experiences.

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