Saturday, May 10, 2014

23 Year Honeymoon......

Last week, My dear sweet husband and I celebrated 23 years of blissful marriage. Ok, sometimes not so blissful, but it has been worth it. I have been blessed with his presence and support for that time. He literally gave me the roots for solid grounding and the wind beneath my wings to soar high into the sky. My past is not something I discuss too readily and probably won't. Granted he has helped to heal the major portions that were gushing blood. We have been able to come together with a vision of where we want our life to take us.

I love and respect my husband because ...
he does his best to do right in all things.
he can clean.
he can cook. (Apple Pie???)
he can take care of kids and dirty diapers.
he is working to become a better son of God, Husband, and Father.
he has done his duty to God and Country.
he has done his best to a good friend to all he knows.
he looks to peoples hearts to see them.
he has been a wonderful father in spite of his non-schedule.
he has worked long and hard hours to provide as best he can for our family.
he supports me in my business ventures.
he has done his best to remain worthy of the priesthood he is privileged to have.
he gives me and our children those blessings of comfort when needed.
he married me in the temple.
he has loved me unconditionally in spite of the baggage I brought to our marriage.
he tells me he loves me.

He is perfectly imperfect. We came together as two imperfect people to become perfect together.
I love you, David.

Yours Eternally and a day,
 your Angel

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