Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reflections From the Books I am Reading

We have started participating Mentoring the Classics with Oliver and Rachel DeMille. Our first read for January/February is John Taylor Gatto's Dumbing Us Down. I decided to start reading Anne Lindbergh's Gift of the Sea, because my husband has Gatto's Dumbing Us Down.

But the way I read is eclectic anyway. I am currently reading 10-15 books in various stages: just started, 20 pages in, half way, or some are read in a day and done with quickly. I will list the books I am reading currently. on another blog page later.

In Gift of the Sea, Anne talks about needing time and space to relax and reevaluate. I know I can empathize. Anyone who has know me for more than 10 years will know there were only two speeds for me: Warp (10) drive and sleep mode. I have had to slow down because of health issues. But I am grateful for the small things I was able to accomplish. My husband would tell you now it is only hyper drive, naps and sleep. I think I am learning to laugh, have fun and not be so serious all of the time. Personality Plus (Littauer) will tell you I am Choleric-Melancholy with a touch a Sanguine and zero Phlegmatic. I am detail oriented, always gathering facts and ask lots of questions. As of the past couple years with our move to the country, I have let things slow down and only have short periods of hyper drive. I enjoy the animals we have and our garden. It gives me time to think, ponder and reflect. In Chapter 3, Anne Lindbergh expresses so beautifully what I feel when I leave our sanctuary behind and enter the bustling world. I know when we leave to go to  a business function they are invigorating, but by the end I long for the peace and quiet of our farm. Believe it or not I miss our children too (Our Penguins=Sanguines). They seem to come alive about 11:30 pm (the time most sane people want to sleep.). But I listen while they talk until I fall asleep or they finish and go to bed, whichever comes first. I finally figured out that Heavenly Father wants me to enjoy the journey not just the reward. This is the key to true peace in Life.

I will have to add what I am learning and insights from the other books I am reading to this post.

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