Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reflecting on the Past Year 2013

Well it seems that the year has gone as quick as it came.
Where to start....

Between mid-December and the End of January I went through one major and two minor surgeries. I am grateful to the ward members who helped with meals being brought in and rides to the hospital. It was a life saver because my husband had to work. His work does not have normal schedule, you know it better than I do. He works on call (25/8/367) as a Engineer for the Railroad. Because he considers it a privilege to serve his country, He still serves in the military reserves. I tell people about his non-schedule and many just do not get it. The difference between a deployment and the railroad is three nights or days a week. Those who are blessed with their husband each and every night, I sometimes envy you. But then again I remember, it takes people who are willing to sacrifice to preserve our freedoms. I am grateful my husband does this. I do not mind the sacrifice, because I have been on the other side of the situation being deployed and know just how lonely it can be. You miss your family so much. Thank you to tall who serve and now back to the year in review.
My recovery went fast for my legs, but the 'interior redecoration' took a bit longer. I was blessed to serve with the VFW as a committee member (for UT) of the National Women Veterans Committee to help our legislators realize that  caring for all of our veterans is important and equal care means different care for both men and women. I appreciate the Gentlemen who were with me. I was bit slow but they were ok with that. I was grateful to serve for the last few years both in the Post, District, State, and National Levels of the VFW. It was an honor to serve. I realize that life is a sequence of phases. As I fade into the background to renew and rebuild, Later I will come back and serve again. With Scouting it is the same. I have enjoyed the time I was allowed to serve, but that too must be another phase. I will always support both with my time and love. They both gave my life purpose and meaning when I needed it most. Now it is a transition to another phase where I prepare to move to larger more focused service in the future and to slow down at the same time. I thank The LIFE Business for that future. They will give us the opportunity to serve and help others. I thank  my Essential Oil family, we are small but we will grow and be strong. I look forward to my future Essential Oil family members and our LIFE Business Family members.

My children have grown a lot. John being the youngest has been  my greatest joy to be able to see him grow. He has graduated from Primary to Young Mens and ordained a Deacon. To watch him Pass the Sacrament was a joy, because reminded of my other sons who did the same. He is growing into a young man who is service oriented. I am proud of him.

Edward has grown bunches and is 6+ inches taller than me. He has grown in his character and knowledge. He is still all boy though. He has become a great servant to others. He can be a very good example of how to treat others. I am proud of him.

Dorothy, our rose among the thorns, has turned 18. We are now doing background checks and fingerprints on prospective young men. Just kidding, because she would be upset with us doing match making. We will let the Master Match Maker take care of that. I mean he did set my husband and I up. It has worked out for the last 22 years of our honey moon. She has been blessed  with long lasting friendships because of her trip to Europe summer of 2012. She learned and grew so much. We are blessed by sensitive and kind heart. She will make a wonderful missionary and later a wife and mother. We are proud of her.

Hyrum has been working hard to turn his life around working 2-3 jobs to take care of his obligations. We have not had contact with him since summer 2012, but have had reports from his grandfather and My Aunt Kay. We love him and miss him. He is always in our prayers and will never leave them. WE are proud of him for turning things around and taking responsibility for his life.

Joseph has about 6+ more months on his mission in the California Los Angeles Spanish speaking. We look forward to his call Christmas day. It is not too much longer. The time has flown. I only wish I could describe how growth through the time before his mission and during his mission. We know he has a purpose and mission that is bigger than he even knows. We look forward to watching as his story unfolds.

To watch my husband David has been so wonderful. To see the light in his eye burn brighter. I give thanks to Oliver and Rachel DeMille, Ian and Emma Cox, and The LIFE Leadership Business. The change in our family is amazing and I hope will begin to show in how we act, behave, and interact. I know David will succeed and we will be debt free and able to be a blessing in many lives.

Now I want to wish you all a very
and a
Prosperous New Year.

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