Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Evaluating and Reporting Body Code/ Emotion Code Rating Numbers

How do I evaluate and report new versus prior rating numbers after my session?

If you seem to be 'stuck' at where your rating numbers are....

Here is our scale:
0=no influence or effect
1=very little noticeable effect
5=noticeable effect
10=major effect

How to use the scale in relation to previous numbers?

- You may be functioning normally physically but emotionally and mentally you feel these effects.
- But in the same light you may feel better emotionally and mentally but physical circumstances have not changed.
- If your outlook is better even if physical circumstances have not changed then base your numbers on your new outlook.

Example : Your item rated 9/10 initially.
                24-48 hours later or more depending, re-evaluating:
      Are you now a  7 instead of 9 for that item.

If you need help please let me know, if you are having issues with numbers.

- Your body may be in the middle of resetting and adjusting.
- We may need to do more sessions too.
- If you need help learning muscle testing let us schedule a time to go over that.

Please contact me to discuss your individual situation after our session.

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